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  • The trend of digitalization has accelerated. Consequently, the number of server farms has risen and with it the power demand. Driven by global warming, the importance of higher energy efficiency of operations is therefore increasing. Introduced in 2004, the measurement standards defined by the North American 80 PLUS initiative can be used to evaluate and certify the efficiency of switched-mode power supplies (SMPS). A certificate is granted if the SMPS achieves at least 80% at defined load conditions. Solutions bearing the 80 PLUS certificate thus help in reducing the power demand of digitalization...

  • Picosun Group of Espoo, Finland says that its atomic layer deposition (ALD) thin-film coating equipment has been used to deposit passivation and barrier films in UVC (ultraviolet-C) LEDs that have achieved excellent reliability and lifetime improvements at customer and collaboration partner Taiwan’s National Chiao Tung University (NCTU)...

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